Plastic Injection Molding

Chances are your industry already benefits from quality plastic parts manufactured using advanced technology. For fast, reliable production of custom molded plastic parts and prototypes, turn to Drummond Industries in Chicago, Illinois.

Although based on highly technical scientific concepts, plastic injection molding is relatively straightforward. During the process, we melt materials such as pellets. Then, we pour the molten liquid into molds to create the end products. To facilitate the process and create precise tolerances, injection molding uses force to fill the mold. This is an excellent alternative for mass-producing custom components without breaking your budget or compromising quality.

A few industries regularly depend on the custom parts provided by Drummond. They include housewares, medical equipment, electronics, packaging, and many more. You can find custom designs and components almost anywhere, whether looking at kids’ toys like dolls, building blocks, and trucks or considering items like toiletries, automotive tools, kitchen tools, and furniture. With so many varied and diverse applications, it’s easy to see why entrepreneurs and manufacturers depend heavily on plastic injection molding.

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