Facility Capabilities

Drummond Industries, Inc., in Chicago, utilizes the latest technology to provide a wide range of plastic injection molding services to meet your needs. We can help if you are in new product development or looking for a more cost-effective solution for your current manufacturing arrangement. Our team can help optimize your manufacturing process to keep you on schedule and budget.

Our Operational History

Established in 1968 as a modest tool room in Chicago, we have steadily expanded our capabilities to meet customer demand. Our original location on the northwest side enabled us to efficiently cater to the needs of our clients while providing high-quality plastic manufacturing solutions.

A New Plant Designed For Efficiency

In 2015, Drummond made a significant move to Bensenville, IL, leveraging our extensive molding and manufacturing expertise to create a cutting-edge facility designed for efficiency. Spanning 50,000 square feet, our modern plant boasts 20 advanced injection presses, and an in-house tool room, all meticulously laid out to enhance our workflow. By prioritizing efficiency, we’re able to streamline production processes and meet even the most demanding project requirements with precision.

Pushing Your Manufacturing Success

We utilize a variety of machinery and equipment to keep your job running efficiently. Using this amount of equipment enables our team 24 hour manufacturing capabilities.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 24 Hours Manufacturing
  • 5 Day Work Week
  • 20 State Of The Art Machines
  • 15,000 lb Lifting Capacity
  • Complimentary Hydraulic & All-Electric Presses
  • Auxiliary Equipment – Driers, Hot Stampers, Sonic Welders, Grinders
  • 20-Ton Chilling System
  • Pump Tank & Tower system
  • In-House Tool Room

Machinery Capabilities

Our facility is equipped with 20 injection presses. Ranging from 35 to 500 tons, these machines can handle a wide range of project sizes, whether you require small precision parts or larger components. The diversity of our machinery allows us the flexibility we need during the manufacturing process and minimizes downtime.

Advanced Equipment For Optimal Results

Our equipment lineup includes hydraulic and all-electric presses, providing a complimentary mix that enables us to optimize production processes. Pairing that with our auxiliary equipment means we have enough support to handle any issue in the manufacturing process.

Commitment To Efficiency & Quality Control

We invest in our machinery and team to stay efficient while maintaining the highest standards. We know that our reputation is only as good as our last shipment, so we remain committed to streamlining our process in any way we can, but we will never sacrifice the quality of your project.

Visit Our Facility

We work hard to stay at the top of our industry and are proud to show off all our capabilities and facilities. We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art Bensenville facility to meet our team and experience our dedication to creating the highest quality plastic injection molded parts and products.

Reliable Plastic Injection Molding Partner

At Drummond Industries, Inc., we work hard to cultivate relationships in Chicago and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on being reliable while providing customer satisfaction for all projects we work on. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with a better manufacturing solution.

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