Customer Warehousing

Choose customer warehousing at Drummond Industries in Chicago, Illinois, for your inventory management goals. We have the resources to safely and securely manage your products or supplies through professional storage solutions. Discover how we can benefit your bottom line with inventory storage for plastic parts with Chicago services.

Understanding Customer Warehousing

Customer warehousing is a service crucial for industries managing inventory or awaiting bulk shipments. We ensure your commercial items—like plastic parts—are safely stored in our spacious warehouses equipped with high ceilings and forklifts for secure product movement.

Benefits Of Customer Warehousing

  • Space Management: Free up valuable space in your premises.
  • Safety and Security: Ensure your products are stored in optimal
  • Economic Advantages: Seize discounts on bulk purchases without stressing about storage.
  • On-site Warehousing Elimination: Avoid the hassle and cost of maintaining your own warehouse.
  • Workspace Efficiency: Prevent clutter and ensure a smooth flow of operations.

With our service, businesses in Chicago no longer need to grapple with
warehousing challenges.

Warehousing Solution For Plastic Parts

When placing plastic parts orders with us, consider leveraging our customer warehousing. This unique service allows you to store your plastic injection molding parts and tools securely in our facility. Once your plastic parts are produced, they’re safely stored, ready for you to pick up or delivered when needed.

Find Warehousing In Chicago

Upgrade your storage strategy with our expansive and secure facilities. Located in two strategic locations, our warehouses are safe and cost-effective. We offer detailed service quotes and explore a warehousing solution tailored to your budget.

Customer Warehousing Partner In Chicago

For unparalleled inventory management in Chicago, Drummond Industries is your go-to choice. Trust us with your products and discover the myriad benefits our professional storage solutions bring your business.

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