Insert Molding

Discover the intricacies of insert molding and overmolding, two specialized techniques in injection molding. Whether you’re looking to produce electrical parts, dental components, or any specialized product, these processes can offer unique advantages tailored to your industry’s needs. Drummond Industries, Inc. in Chicago provides expert consultation on production and part manufacturing methods.

What is Insert Molding?

Insert molding is a technique that involves positioning metal components within a mold cavity before the injection process begins. This can be done by skilled operators or with the precision of a robotic arm. Once the metal insert is in place, molten plastic is injected around it, forming a single unified part.

Benefits Of Insert Molding

  • Reduced Assembly: Streamline the manufacturing process by producing thousands of parts daily and simplifying the assembly line.
  • Enhanced Part Performance: Experience the perfect blend of metal’s strength with plastic’s flexibility and weight advantages.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Utilize plastic, a functional and economical material, offering savings in production costs.

Applications Of Insert Molding

  • Integration of pins, frames, and wires with plastic for electronic parts.
  • Plastic gears featuring a steel shaft interface.
  • Production of charger cables, bearing surfaces, and integrated circuits.

What Is Overmolding?

Overmolding is a two-step process. Initially, a component, often made using plastic injection services, is produced. This component then undergoes a second molding process where additional plastic materials, varying in hardness or color, are added, enhancing its features.

Benefits Of Overmolding

  • Increased Material Flexibility: Combine multiple materials for improved grip, functionality, and aesthetics.
  • No Adhesives Required: Seamlessly fuse materials without glues or adhesives, saving time and cost.
  • Embedded Seals: Integrate soft seals directly into your parts for enhanced performance.

Applications Of Overmolding

  • Metal screwdrivers complemented with insulated handles.
  • Polycarbonate phone cases are enhanced with rubber grips.
  • Medical devices like metal surgical tools with rubber or plastic grips.
  • Automotive connectors featuring overmolded gaskets.
  • Dental components offer improved grip and aesthetic appeal.
  • USB drives fortified with protective plastic or rubber shells.

Your Partners In Precision Plastic Molding

Our team excels in insert and overmolding techniques. We can guide you in selecting the ideal process, machinery, and materials, ensuring high-quality and economical parts are created.

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Let us assist you in harnessing the strength and versatility inherent in plastic injection processes. Contact Drummond Industries in Chicago for a tailored solution that aligns with your budget and production needs.

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