Custom Plastic Injection Molding

From design to production, Chicago’s Drummond Industries, Inc. puts the power of custom plastic injection molding to work for you. This innovative process provides a cost-effective and efficient method for producing high-quality plastic components and products. Discover how you can benefit from our custom services and their overall advantages, and gain insights into the intricate process behind this versatile part manufacturing technique.

How We Manufacture Your Products

  • Plastic Parts Design
  • Physical Prototype
  • Prototype Testing
  • Prototype Refinement
  • Prototype Approval
  • Insert Molding & Overmolding Decisions
  • Desired Finish Decisions—Glossy, Semi-Glossy, Matte, Textured
  • Injection Molding Manufacturing Runs

From Design To Completed Component

The process of custom plastic injection molding begins with part design creation. Our skilled engineers utilize computer-aided design (CAD) software to develop a detailed blueprint of your desired part. We then transform this design into a physical prototype to test its functionality, appearance, and compatibility with other components.

Prototypes Transform Your Designs Into Reality

Prototypes play a vital role in custom plastic parts creation. They are a tangible representation of the part design, allowing you to evaluate and refine your potential product before proceeding to full-scale production. Prototyping also enables manufacturers to identify potential design flaws, make necessary adjustments, and ensure that the final product meets your requirements.

What Types Of Material Can We Inject?

  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
  • Polyamide (Nylon)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • Polystyrene (PS)

Handing Over The Design For Production Runs

Once you approve the prototype, your design is ready for production. The manufacturer utilizes the plastic injection molding process to replicate your approved design on a larger scale.

How Does Plastic Injection Molding Work?

  1. First, we create the metal molds.
  2. Next, we inject molten thermoplastic resins into the molds under pressure.
  3. Then, we cool the material almost instantly to form the desired shape.
  4. Lastly, the resulting parts undergo rigorous quality control checks.

Customization Techniques

Custom plastic injection molding offers additional versatility through insert molding and over-molding techniques. 

Insert Molding

Insert molding involves placing preformed inserts, such as metal threads, ceramic, or other plastic parts, into the mold before injecting the molten plastic. This creates a single integrated piece with enhanced functionality and strength and reduces post-processing.


Overmolding, on the other hand, involves layering multiple materials to create a part with unique properties, textures, or color combinations. You might choose this technique to add a handle or grip to your component.

Who Can Benefit from Custom Plastic Injection Molding?

This manufacturing service is beneficial to a wide range of industries and applications. Manufacturers across sectors such as automotive, consumer goods, electronics, medical devices, and more can benefit from this versatile manufacturing process. Whether producing intricate components, large volumes of parts, or complex assemblies, custom plastic injection molding offers cost-effective and efficient solutions.

What Can You Make?

  • Telecommunications Adapters
  • Car Components
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Windows & Doors
  • Food & Beverage Packaging
  • Locks, Handles & Accessories
  • Building & Construction Tools
  • Custom Toys
  • Plumbing Components

Advantages Of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

  • Cost Efficient—The ability to produce complex parts in large quantities with minimal material waste.
  • Design Flexibility—Intricate and detailed part designs can be achieved, allowing for greater design freedom and incorporating features like logos, textures, and complex geometries.
  • Consistency & Precision—The automated nature of this process ensures consistent quality and precise replication of parts, meeting tight tolerances and specifications.
  • Shorter Lead Times—The efficiency of the injection molding process, coupled with the ability to produce large volumes of parts, reduces lead times, enabling faster time-to-market for products.

Save On Superior Parts With Plastic Injection Molding

If you’re seeking efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality plastic parts production, find out more about custom plastic injection molding from Drummond Industries, Inc. in Chicagoland, IL. From the initial part design to the completed product, we look forward to making your ideas a reality. Contact us to unlock a world of possibilities today. 

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