The Practice Stick

Four custom branded golf ball retrieval sticksGolf ball retrieval has never been easier, especially when practice putting. The Practice Stick allows for picking up multiple balls without bending over repetitively, saving time and emphasizing comfort over the course of session.

  • Retrieve and dispense up to 23 balls without bending over.
  • Release balls with your foot or thumb.
  • Release 1 ball, or all 23 at once.
  • Stores in your golf bag.


To pick up: Place the stick directly over the ball and push down.

To release: Have your heel on the ground and point your toes up. Place the trigger under your foot and pull up on the stick.


Display Box:
12 pcs. per carton
$16.95 each, MSRP


  • Charter Products Bensenville, IL 630-616-1922
  • Don Martin & Co.Los Angeles, CA 213-413-3400
  • Global Tour GolfVista, CA 760-599-9339
  • J&M GolfGriffith, IN 219-922-1787
  • SPL InternationalDenver, CO 303-534-9600

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